Yoga Portraits

Yoga photography is something really special to me. My journey began back in 1998 when I was 16. The mystery drew me in. The search for something that aligned with my particular views on spirituality. It followed me to college where I introduced it to many friends who still practice today. 

I would come back to it throughout my twenties and I always said if I got to a point in my life where it made sense, it would pursue it professionally. I reached that point when I turned 30 and I took a Yoga teacher training here on Oahu from a BELOVED teacher, Brigitte. It was a magical process and came at the exact moment I needed it. What’s interesting about life though is the twists and turns. Totally set on teaching Yoga, I was just about to get started when I paused to travel the US with my friends. My friend sold me a camera for the trip and this new thing came over me by the time I came home. Yoga was put on pause while I explored this new interest and life took me in a completely new direction. 

Knowing Yoga from a deep place in my heart allows me to shoot it the way I do. It led me here to where I am today and I will always respect and bow to the floor for guiding me to my life’s work. My images are dramatic and hopefully evoke emotion. 

You may recognize some of the Yogi’s below. I’ve been blessed to shoot with some amazing people. My work has been featured in various local and international Yoga publications. 

Aloha Yoga Kula is my home studio. I shoot all of their teachers and my images are featured on their monthly schedule cards. Check them out if you’re on Oahu!