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Hawaii Wedding Photography

Based on Oahu, available for all islands and destinations worldwide

Wedding photography is an intimate gift and I’m always humbled by the opportunity. Weddings go by so fast, and you might be having a beverage (or more), so it’s my job to make sure you can look back at every moment and remember it beautifully.

This is FUN, I get to share one of the best days of your life with you. Making these kinds of real connections is basically my entire brand. People always tell me that I make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I’ve found this aspect of my personality is really critical. If you can relax and have a good time, then everything is going to roll beautifully, photographically speaking.

Over the years I’ve realized the reason people are happy they’ve chosen me is simply my personality, MIXED with the fact that I’m dedicated to my craft. It’s hard to gauge someone’s vibe from just a website but I try to infuse as much of the real me as possible here.

It’s true, there’s a ton of us photographers out there, but what’s important, is that you LIKE the person who will be very close to you throughout the entire day. Someone who knows how to make you laugh and keep it light, while also knowing when to blend in and be invisible when necessary. I care about the people that choose to let me into their lives and I dedicate myself to capturing as many authentic, candid moments as possible.

My style is natural, colorful, editorial and fun, however, I can go deeper and moodier if that’s more your style. I let the mood, your requests, the light on your day and your aesthetic dictate the overall edit. 

A common timeline is 2pm – 8 or 9pm. Photos generally begin when you’re about done with makeup application and go until dancing begins.  

LGBT friendly. Got two boys or two girls? Yes, please! You landed on the right page. Straight? Don’t worry, I know how to shoot women beautifully and get your groom to crack a smile.

Go ahead and take a look at some of my favorites below,  so you can get a feel for my style.  Click here for information on pricing and recommended vendors who are awesome at their jobs as well. 

Images below are large. They may appear fuzzy at first as they load. To force one to load simply click on it directly. Thanks for patience with that, I want you to be able to see the high quality file.




Wordy words for the Googles

Brandon is an innovative and artistic Oahu Wedding Photographer, capturing special moments between you and your other half on your big day. He is an award-winning Oahu wedding photographer passionate for capturing your wedding authentically. He brings his extensive skill set to your wedding day making your day as special as can be. Specializing in Oahu Wedding Photography, he is one of the top Wedding Photographers on Oahu.

His fun-filled modern style wedding photography is perfect for capturing all parts of your wedding day, preserving those very special moments for you to cherish for the rest of your life. He strives to capture all special people, family members, friends, and honored guests that came to your wedding day to shower blessings.

Talanted wedding photographers capture emotions in a creative manner. By hiring a talented and experienced Oahu wedding photographer you’re ensured to get candid photographs of your wedding day that will revive your emotional feeling each time you seem them. Getting an Oahu wedding photographer who will address your photography needs and put you at ease will also assure to give a natural touch to your wedding images while recognizing and capturing the real emotions of the day in them.

The selection of a wedding photographer in Oahu should be done carefully. Since the wedding photographs are one of the key aspects of your wedding, they should be taken beautifully to tell the story of your wedding perfectly. Before selecting the Oahu wedding photographer, you need to be sure that the professional has great photography skills in addition to many other qualities that are required for the delivery of great photography results. He/she should focus on fine details and care to capture all the lovely moments and emotions of the Oahu wedding like tears, hugs, smiles, wedding rituals, guests, reception and more with a creative approach. Visit here to check the Oahu Wedding Photographers top choice for wedding venues across Oahu Hawaii.

Brandon is based on Oahu, Hawaii and shoots all over this magical island. His photography is perfect for families, couples, friends and he definitely knows how to get everyone involved in your wedding! He makes sure not a single moment of your wedding is missed without being too complicated. Contact him anytime for pricing or scheduling information. He’d love to hear more about your wedding on Oahu!

Engagement Sessions

Engagement + Couple's Sessions

Oahu engagement and couple’s sessions. For many engaged couples, this is an opportunity to get to know your photographer without any of the stress related to your actual wedding day. It’s a way to test out the vibe and see if it’s a match for your wedding. Also, it’s just alot of fun. 

Even if you’re not getting married, and you’re visiting Oahu for the first time together. Finding a sweet spot to shoot and coming home with rad photos of your time together is precious. Hang em up on your walls at home and make your friends jealous next time they come over. “Oh, that? It’s just a white sand beach in Hawaii” Lol.

Here’s some of my favorites along the way. Click here for session pricing.