You guys! It literally doesn’t get any better than shooting a wedding in Page, Arizona. 

This shoot was so full circle for me in multiple ways. FIRSTLY, Nick, Tiffany and I all worked together at a restaurant in Waikiki 10 years ago. I hadn’t seen them in 9 years. A year ago Tiffany reaches out to me and says they’ve been following my photography journey online and have decided that they want me to join them in the desert and shoot their wedding. I was and am so humbled by that offer. We connected again as if no time had passed and I feel closer to them now in such a special way. 

The second reason this is so meaningful to me is because the last time I visited these exact sites, was the very beginning of my photography journey 5 years ago! I had just bought a professional camera and was experiencing this new direction starting to take hold of me. 

So to return to this part of the world for such a special request was just so perfect. Thank you for your support Nick and Tiffany. I love you guys and I hope I did you justice. 

Take a look at the highlights from this amazing trip. We began at an airbnb overlooking Lake Powell. We moved on to Antelope Canyon X for a slot canyon portrait session. Next, we stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam overlook point and finally ended our day with their vow exchange at Horseshoe Bend, one of the coolest and most visually impactful spots I’ve ever seen. 

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you’re thinking of doing an Antelope Canyon wedding session, I would do it now because Canyon X is new and not very busy but I guarantee it will be like Upper and Lower Antelope soon and not be able to support 3 people taking their time in there.




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