Premiere Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Brandon is a five star Hawaii wedding photographer available for all islands. Fun, elegant, modern imagery

Thank you so much for taking time to check out my photography. Use the menu to navigate around. I've got tons of samples of my work, reviews, full pricing details and info about me. I look forward to hearing from you!

To book or inquire please contact me directly. My email and number are all over the site. I screen calls so please shoot me a text if I don’t answer or send an email. It helps to have a written form of our conversation that I can refer back to. You can of course call after that if you’d like to go over anything or get to know me. 


Please join my email list either with this link or the pop up you’ll see. I travel around the US off and on for photoshoots so it’s the best way to get updated on where I’ll be headed and what dates I’m available.


Texting is best, I like to have a written history of our convo to refer back to details

Wedding photography is one of the most special parts of the special day, I am forever humbled by the opportunity to capture those memories for a couple. Weddings speed by at a rate of knots, and you might have had enough fun juice to make the memory fuzzy. That makes it my job, and my solemn duty, to make sure you can look back at all the big moments of the day and remember it clearly, fondly and beautifully.

My job is so much FUN, I am so lucky, I get to share one of the best days of your life with you. Making these kinds of real connections is basically my entire brand. People always tell me that I make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I’ve found this aspect of my personality is really critical. If you can relax and have a good time, then everything is going to roll beautifully, photographically speaking. Over the years I’ve realized the reason people are happy they’ve chosen me is simply my personality, MIXED with the fact that I’m dedicated to my craft. It’s hard to gauge someone’s vibe from just a website but I try to infuse as much of the real me as possible here.

My style is natural, colorful, editorial and fun, however, I can go deeper and moodier if that’s more your style. I let the mood, your requests, the light on your day and your aesthetic dictate the overall edit. 

I am the #1 LGBT friendly Hawaii Wedding Photographer.

Got two boys or two girls? Yes, please! You landed on the right page. Straight? Don’t worry, I know how to shoot women beautifully and get your groom to crack a smile.

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