Wall Art!

After you’ve had a session with me and you’ve seen your gallery, maybe there’s 1 or 2 shots you’d love to have to decorate your home with!

Well, I’ve partnered with a company to create beautiful wall art pieces for you guys. I am super stoked about this because this should be the end goal. These files should be breathed into life and hung up, given as gifts and passed on in your family.

I have a little video here showing a sample print that I’ve ordered for myself. Maybe you’ve already seen the print after our session. If not, give it a watch if you wanna see what the end result looks like.

Here’s some details about the print:

The print process that I’ve chosen for my work is one of, if not the absolute BEST possible ways to create a print. It’s not cheap, but it’s intended to be the finest wall art quality in the world.

Almost any size is available. Please let me know in inches how long you would like the long edge, and I will let you know how long the shorter edge will be. These are custom orders built to your specifications. I will put some sample prices on this page so you can get an idea of what different sizes cost. 

Some features about the print process:

The paper is FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD. This is a silver-halide digital photographic paper with a polyester-based coating. It is glossy and thick. Not a drop of ink is used in this process either. The image is burned into the emulsion layer of the paper, using a NASA designed system of red, green and blue lasers. Sound crazy? It is. The end result is the paper has a crystalline vibe that seems to soak up light and reflect it back. It produces the highest level of detail available.

And that’s not the end of it. Next, a special type of acrylic is mounted on top of the print. This acrylic  has an anti-reflection layer that eliminates glare. It is 99% UV protected. Its abrasian and shatter resistant. And it’s anti-static, which reduces dust build up. With the acrylic layer, there’s a depth, which lets you see through into the image, giving it a 3d glow.

The back layer is Dibond, which is two thin layers of aluminum enclosing a polyethylene core.

Finally, the print is hung by an aluminum museum wall mount assembly attached to the back. This floats your piece off the wall for a clean, sharp, modern look.

Please allow 10-15 days for the producing of the print and the delivery process. These are custom orders. This is made wholly in America.

Example Prices – Shipping is FREE in the US.

15″ x 10″ = $192  –  This is the smallest print size you can order.

30″ x 20″ = $479

51″ x  34″ = $1132  – This is the largest print size at maximum resolution.

Ok, so again, these are possible sizes, not the ONLY sizes. You can choose any size from 15″ all the way to 51″ on the long edge. All you have to do is reach out to me, let me know which image in your gallery you’d like to order, and what size you’d like it. All sales are final. At the moment, prints only have free shipping in the US. If you’d like a print delivered to another country please let me know and I’ll get a quote to you before we proceed with ordering. I would have to ship the piece to myself and then to you.