Antelope Canyon Light Beam Fine Art Print
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Canyon Cathedral

The slot canyons on the Navajo land in Page, Arizona are simply STUNNING. The first time I went with friends, our gear was so blasted by sand, a couple camera’s didn’t make it out alive. The second visit, 3 years later, I was prepared and ready for a full photography tour where I could focus on creating an image that I had in my mind since the first visit. 

These chambers are so unique and beautiful. The way the light comes thru from the ceiling reminds me of the wonder you feel when walking into a giant European cathedral.

Unfortunately today, the reality is the popularity of these canyons makes visiting very chaotic but somehow when the people are parted, and you’ve got 2 minutes to shoot, you can still capture the most epic sense of peace of natural beauty.

About the Print

The print process that I’ve chosen for my work is one of, if not the absolute BEST possible ways to create a print. It’s not cheap, but it’s intended to be the finest wall art quality in the world.

Various sizes are available in the drop down menu located in the paypal button. If you require a size that is not listed here, please reach out to me for a custom quote. I can have this made in any size.

Some features about the print process:

The paper is FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD. This is a silver-halide digital photographic paper with a polyester-based coating. It is glossy and thick. Not a drop of ink is used in this process either. The image is burned into the emulsion layer of the paper, using a NASA designed system of red, green and blue lasers. Sound crazy? It is. The end result is the paper has a crystalline vibe that seems to soak up light and reflect it back. It produces the highest level of detail available.

And that’s not the end of it. Next, a special type of acrylic is mounted on top of the print. This acrylic  has an anti-reflection layer that eliminates glare. It is 99% UV protected. Its abrasian and shatter resistant. And it’s anti-static, which reduces dust build up. With the acrylic layer, there’s a depth, which lets you see through into the image, giving it a 3d glow.

The back layer is a white Dibond, which is two thin layers of aluminum enclosing a polyethylene core.

Finally, the print is hung by an aluminum museum wall mount assembly attached to the back. This floats your piece off the wall for a clean, modern look.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the producing of the print and the delivery process. These are custom orders. This is made wholly in America.